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Wasz eko-operator dla plakietek i rejestracji
Crit-Air.fr Nowości 2020-06-19

We vote "yes" to sustainable transport!

In order to solve the "Yellow Vests" crisis, a 150-member citizens' climate convention has been set up to discuss concrete measures for the climate and energy transition and to draw up proposals for legislation. In the transport sector, for example, it is proposed to prohibit access to the city centre for vehicles that emit a lot of greenhouse gases. In addition, the sale of new cars with high CO2 emissions (>110g/km from 2025 and >90g/km from 2030) is to be gradually banned. Will a car with a French Environmental Sticker 2 and emitting more than 110g/km of CO2 soon be affected by driving bans? How to control them? The whole report will be voted on and published in the coming days and a referendum could follow. In any case, we are voting yes to the energy transition for transport!