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Crit-Air.fr Aktuelles 2020-07-17

Nine new low emission zones in France

The new Minister of the Environment is reacting to the decision of the State Council of 10.07.2020, which had ordered urgent measures to be taken in eight cities. By the end of the year, nine new environmental zones are to be introduced in the most polluted cities.

How is this possible?

The list is not known but it is possible to make a forecast. Many zones are simply already planned (Lille), others have presented scenarios (Marseilles, Reims, Saint Etienne, Toulouse) and others have already announced studies (Montpellier). In addition, the law on mobility obliges to set up such a zone. Will the scenarios be tightened up even though no diesel phase-out is planned in these cities? Let's hope for the best... So far, a little communication does not hurt, especially if you want to avoid a fine of 10M€.