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Crit-Air.fr Aktuelles 2020-07-15

Can hydrogen decarbonise the transport sector?

In France the transport sector is the 1st CO2 emitter (30% of the emissions). The reason is simple: our cars rely mainly on combustion engines (petrol and diesel). In addition to electromobility, politicians are now working hand in hand with car manufacturers to promote hydrogen propulsion. This technology is much more efficient than electric cars in terms of recharging: for a range of 200 km, the recharging process takes only three minutes. However, the technology is not yet mature for the market: the French start-up company Symbio, for example, is building a new prototype... but for a price 50.000€! The investments are to follow soon: the EU, for example, presented its hydrogen strategy last week, while Germany announced a hydrogen plan of nine billion euros. Another prerequisite for a sustainable development of such technologies is the decarbonization of the electricity sector. Whether electric or hydrogen cars come, in any case green electricity will be the new gold!