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Crit-Air.fr Aktuelles 2020-03-01

Greenpeace interviews the candidates

The local elections are a good timing to put ambitious air quality measures on the political agenda. Greenpeace is calling in every major city: first, the introduction of a low emission zone, second, a planned diesel and then gasoline phase-out, and third, a clear alternative to the car (possibly financial support if a car is necessary). Depending on the election results on 15.03 and 22.03 the air quality plans could be improved. For example, two candidates in Annecy plan to phase out internal combustion engines by 2030 (as in Paris). The current mayor of Grenoble also wants to extend the current ZFE to passenger cars and a diesel phase-out by 2030. Whoever is committed to good air quality will hold their breath until the end of the elections!