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Find your current status of access rights in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning (orange).
Find the current status of access rights to your desired environmental zone in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning for a driving ban (orange).

The ZPA air protection zone of Chambery

On 02.11.2017, the Prefect of the Department of Savoie signed the order Nº DSIPC-2017-1102, which entered into force on 21.11.2017.
According to this order, the respective prefect of the ZPAd Department of Savoie can decide on concrete driving bans in a region if necessary in the event of an air pollution peak. On the other hand, the order allows individual cities in the department to set up their own ZPA zone and to activate driving bans if necessary.
On the basis of this order, the city of Chambery has now introduced a ZPA Air Protection Zone with regulations on the basis of the Crit'Air Vignette. The order contains a set of measures which can be applied in the event of an air pollution peak in Chambery. This ZPA air protection zone will enter into force following the weather-related announcement by the competent prefect.

The city of Chambery is located in the Department of Savoie (department nº 73), which counts about 60,000 inhabitants on an area of 21 km². Chambery is also the district town of the department of Savoie.

In order to be prepared for the recurring pollution peaks in the city of Chambery, a temporary environmental zone (ZPA) was introduced in the centre of Chambery, which was announced in a press release on 05.12.2017 and came into force on 16.05.2018.
This temporary environmental zone (ZPA) becomes mandatory for all vehicles in the event of persistent air pollution and is then called by the prefect if necessary.

It should be noted in particular that the new temporary zone (ZPA) is designated by the city of Chambery as a “ZCR zone” (Zone à Circulation Restreinte), although this is not a permanent zone and the French Ministry of the Environment stressed in a notice of 31.08.2015 the difference between a ZCR zone and the measures taken during an air pollution peak.

Any violation of the badge requirement or traffic restrictions will be punished with a fine from 68 up to 375 euros; if paying directly on site a little less. These fines are based on the articles L.325-1 to L.325-3 and R.411-19 of the French Road Traffic Code.

In case of an air pollution peak, measures will be enforced, divided into several phases. After a pre-warning with no impact on road traffic, the first air pollution alarm is activated. This occurs if, based on the daily or hourly measurement of the responsible institution for air quality, the emission level of 50/80 μg/m³ for particulate matter or 180/240 μg/m³ for ozone or 300/500 μg/m³ for sulphur dioxide or 200/400 μg/m³ for nitrogen dioxide has been exceeded. As a result, the road speed within the ZPA environmental zones has to be reduced by 20 km/h.
If, in the following days, one of the abovementioned pollutant values still exceeds the indicated values, then traffic restrictions can be applied to all vehicles. Then, vehicles without a Crit’Air Vignette as well as vehicles with insufficient badge classes can be excluded.
In the event of an air pollution alarm, the M1 and N1 vehicles without a badge and the N2 and N3 commercial vehicles with a Crit’Air badge 5 are affected by the driving ban. From the second day, vehicles (M1 and N1) with Crit’Air badges 4 and 5 can also be excluded from traffic. In case of air quality deterioration, the prefect could also – in accordance with the order Nº. DSIPC-2017-1102 – impose driving bans on other Crit’Air badge classes.

The borders of the environmental zone of Chambery

The ZPA zone of Chambery is located right in the city centre. With a length of 950 m and a width of 700 m, it is relatively small.
The area is bordered by the following main traffic arteries: to the north by Quai du Jeu de Paume, Avenue des Ducs de Savoie and Quai Sénateur Antoine Borrel, to the east by Rue Jules Ferry and Rue Plaisance, to the south by Rue André Jacques Michaud, Monge Square, Caffe Square and Avenue de Lyon and to the west by Place Saint-Pierre de Mâche, Fbg Mâché, Avenue des Bernardines, Rue Jean Jaurès and Avenue Pierre Lanfrey.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name of the environmental zone:
Umweltzone Chambéry ZPA - Frankreich
Date of entry into effect of the zone:
Type of environmental zone:
Wetterbedingte Luftschutzzone, gültig nach einer Vorwarnungsstufe bei Überschreitung von Schadstoffgrenzen (z.B. > 50 µg/m³ Feinstaub) und nach jeweiliger Entscheidung des zuständigen Präfekten.
68-375 €
Area/extension of the environmental zone:
Die ZPA-Zone Chambéry ist genau im Zentrum der Stadt eingerichtet worden. Sie ist mit 950 m Länge und 700 m Breite relativ klein.
Das Gebiet ist von den folgenden Hauptverkehrsadern begrenzt: Im Norden von dem Quai du Jeu de Paume, dem Avenue des Ducs de Savoie und dem Quai Sénateur Antoine Borrel, im Osten der Rue Jules Ferry und der Rue Plaisance, im Süden von der Rue André Jacques, der Rue Michaud, der Platz Monge, der Platz Caffe und der Avenue de Lyon und im Westen von der Place Saint-Pierre de Mâche, dem Fbg Mâché, dem Avenue des Bernardines, der Rue Jean Jaurès und der Avenue Pierre Lanfrey.
Order here a French Crit'Air Vignette for French ZCR/ZPA zones