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Su gestoría verde para distintivos y registros Noticias 2020-07-23

Smile, you are being filmed

More and more eco-lanes in the cities are also allowed to be used by cars with several people (carpooling). But how does a carpool control work? In Paris a solution with a camera system is being tested. This camera should simultaneously recognise the Crit'Air Sticker, take photos and read the number plate. Using a computer analysis including algorithms, the camera can then recognise how many people are in the car and at the same time check that they are not "dolls". The system is initially only being tested on the city ring road, but Bordeaux, Lille and Lyon have also shown interest. In the cities there are only 1.06 people in each car on average... that's pretty low but hopefully eco-lanes and other incentive systems will allow to increase the "car occupancy rate". This will mean less traffic, less congestion and less pollution for both noise and air!