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Your environmental service provider for stickers and registrations News 2017-07-30

Car dealer worry about consequences of emissions scandal

Until now, diesel cars had a big and constant part within all cars in Germany. Around 30% of the registered cars in Germany have diesel engines, that was the base of a well-going commerce for car dealers and second-hand vehicle dealers. However, they observe a growing uncertainty in the rows of consumers since last year, which is linked to the political discussions around the German environmental badge Blaue Plakette and the emission scandal. A decreasing number of consumers wishes to buy diesel cars as they don’t know for how long they could still use them. This influences commerce especially for second-hand vehicle dealers who rarely buy diesel cars nowadays, and this only if they find the cars far below the market price. The trade with these vehicles becomes more and more risky as the market value is already decreasing. The concrete consequences for traders and private persons who want to sell their diesel cars must be awaited.