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Your environmental service provider for stickers and registrations News 2017-07-15

Munich: e-bikes against air pollution

Nowadays, many German cities promote the commercial use of e-bikes as in Berlin we can listen to convinced craftsmen at the radio and urbanistic associations offer free electric bikes for six-month trial periods. Many arguments in favour of the bicycles can be quoted: long researches for parking lots can be avoided and the running costs are generally low.

Yesterday opened the first UPS-micro-depot in Munich. It is charged every morning, during the day the products are delivered by e-bike in a surrounding of 800 meters. Linked to the project „City2Share“ that is financed by the municipality and Bavarian industry, this initiative wants to fight urban air pollution; for example, in the future, electric cars might be liberated from parking fees. In this context, new categories for cars might be introduced – a fact that remembers us the French badges for different types of engines. An interesting subject to be followed!