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Heavy financial penalties in case of a missing or wrong Crit'Air Vignette

Fines will be imposed in case of a missing or wrong Crit'Air Vignette from 01. July 2017. The fines will depend on the different vehicles' types. The fines will depend on the different vehicles' types which means that for instance trucks and buses will be charged with a much higher fine than passenger cars and motorbikes.

  • 68 Euro for passenger cars and all other vehicles (“an infringement of penalty category 3”)
  • 135 Euro for trucks and buses (an infringement of “penalty category 4”)

If a fine is not paid within 45 days at the latest, it will rise to “penalty category 3” to 180 Euro and to 375 Euro in “penalty category 4”.

Important to know for foreigners: A fine of 70 Euro or more will be imposed in accordance with EU directive 2011/82 dated 25th November 2011 “in order to facilitate the cross-boarder exchange of information about traffic offences dangering the road safety”. An enforcement procedure in the home country will take place on default of payment which will be pursued until imprisonment.
It is especially important to consider that presently the fine of 68 Euro for passenger car drivers without Crit'Air Vignette does not yet include any processing fee in France. French authorities might charge the fine with such a fee. If this happens in the near future, passenger car drivers would be faced in any case with a fine that exceeds the 70 Euro limit. Consequently a non-paid ticket might lead to an imprisonment in the frame of an enforcement procedure not only for truck and bus drivers but also for passenger car drivers.

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