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The french anti-pollution sticker is necessary in almost all major cities!

More Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in France in 2020 – Stay informed!

More permanent and temporary environmental zones (LEZ) will be introduced in France

In France, more permanent and weather-dependent environmental zones will be introduced from 2020. Current information from 28.03.2020 here.
In response to air pollution peaks, the competent authorities in many cities are increasingly activating temporary environmental zones. In 2019, driving bans were imposed in 10 cities, such as Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Strasbourg and the whole department of Isère.
Since July 2017, drivers must affix a valid french anti-pollution sticker to their vehicles in order to drive through the French environmental zones. The french sticker, available in 6 colours, distinguishes old from new vehicles of the EURO classes 0 to 6.

In 2020, further new permanent and temporary LEZ (Low Emission Zones) zones will be created, which can also cover an entire department or may be the extension of already existing permanent zones. In particular, these include the departments of Loire (Saint-Etienne), the Pay de la Loire region, and other cities such as Avignon and Nancy.
You can find the latest information here and in our free Green-Zones app.

The (weather-dependent) ZPA zones established in the major French cities and municipalities will continue to be developed in 2020 and require increasing attention from the local and European commercial and touristic transport.The main reason for this is that the status of access rights to the environmental zones can change within 24 hours and driving bans can be applied for otherwise valid french stickers. This means that previously authorised vignette categories will suddenly be banned from traffic, and high fines and immediate driving bans can be imposed.
The ZCR zones, which are permanently valid and are mainly established in larger cities also need attention in 2020, as they will not only be renamed ZFE zones (Zone à faibles émissions) from 2020, but they will be often expanded and their rules will be strengthened.

The daily and current status of access rights to the environmental zones in France and many other European countries can be viewed in real time – as well as a preview of the next day - in the free Green-Zones app.

The aggravated environmental zone ZCR (Zones à Circulation Restreinte) which came into force on 1st July 2016 do not only prohibit older vehicles from access to the zone between 8 am and 8 pm but also demands all other vehicles the categorization by a french anti-pollution sticker ...
Since 27.11.2017, the metropolis of Toulouse introduced a temporary ZPA environmental zone. Vehicles entering the environmental zone require a Crit’Air badge as circulation restrictions can be pronounced on the third day of a pollution peak, the absence of a badge then leads to penalties up to 365 euros ...
Since 01.11.2017 a temporary ZPA environmental zone has been introduced in Strasbourg. Vehicle owners need a Crit'Air badge to enter the environmental zone, as temporary driving bans can be imposed at any time and entail potential fines ...
From July 1, 2016, so-called ZCR and ZPA environmental zones have been introduced in cities and municipalities across France. These measures are based on the Décret of June 29, 2016, and on the traffic law.  ...

News about the french anti-pollution sticker, the environmental zones and air pollution

The French ZCR and ZPA environmental zones

You can find the interactive and zoomable form of this environmental zone map in our free Green-Zones App

From July 1, 2016, so-called ZCR and ZPA environmental zones have been introduced in cities and municipalities across France. These measures are based on the Décret of June 29, 2016, and on the traffic law.

The environmental zones introduced in France can be divided in two types: those zones where traffic is restricted and those where the goal is air protection. The zones where traffic is restricted are called “traffic restriction zones” (ZCR, French acronym). The zones where the priority is air protection are called “air protection zones” (ZPA, French acronym).

The ZCR environmental zones

The introduction of a ZCR in France is the responsibility of every city or municipality and is regulated by the national Décret YCR 2016-847 of June 28, 2016. After a 6-month period of hearings, which allows affected citizens to voice their concerns and take part in the decision-making process, the zone becomes binding. In order to drive in the cities and municipalities of France that have introduced an environmental zone ZCR, it is necessary to have a Crit’Air vignette, which consists of 6 different categories. More information and details about traffic norms can be found here.

ZPA air protection zones
In contrast to the ZCR zones, the “air protection zones”— “Zones de protection de l’air” (ZPA) in French— are no permanent and only affect municipalities and big cities (“metropoles”, in French). ZPA zones are established for large cities (e.g., Grenoble) or for whole geographical areas (e.g., the Arve Valley).
These zones are only valid in case of an air pollution peak. This means that traffic restrictions will only be valid when established limits for fine particulates and nitrogen oxides are exceeded during several days. Depending on the level of pollution, it will be determined what vignette color can drive on what days through the zone. Norms can vary from ZPA zone to ZPA zone and from city to city. As soon as the weather improves, restrictions in the air protection zone will not be valid anymore. More information and details about traffic norms can be found here.

The french anti-pollution sticker in France
The Crit'Air Vignette having been introduced in France since 1st July 2016 is broken down into 6 different categories/colours. The anti-pollution sticker is stands for all vehicle types in all French environmental zones. Old vehicles of all kinds cannot obtain the Vignette and have no permission to drive during the day ...
Various versions and file sizes of pictures from the Crit'Air Vignette and its appropriate traffic signs of the French environmental zone are ready for download here ...
Questions may occur when ordering a Crit'Air Vignette for a vehicle being registered in France. You can get the answers here.  ...
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The purchase of a Crit’Air badge in itself is not particularly helpful. The crucial factor in many cases is the knowledge of which vignette color may drive on which day and during which times, in which zone and which types of vehicles are affected. Here you will find more about Green-Zones’ information services in real time ...
Here you find an overview of the different badge types that are issued by national authorities regarding Fine dust, Nitrogen oxides, CO2, Electro mobility and additional environmental matters. From us you can obtain the required badged for each country in Europe ...
Grüne Plakette B MK 5653 (Guilloche)
The German environmental badge, also called emissions sticker, is provided for Euro-4 vehicles which intend to enter into German environmental zones. Information about the German emissions sticker is offered in 21 languages and can be purchased through us within 24 hours ...
Nitrogen Oxides and fine dust, particularly from diesel vehicles, are the reason why France introduced ZCR zones and the french anti-pollution sticker. People who want to know how and where nitrogen oxide and fine dust have an effect on health and harm humans in whichever way can get detailed information here ...
Green-Zones provides on more as 40 European websites in more than 20 languages information on the subject of fine particulates / nitrogen oxides, environment and CO2, on the increasing restrictions of movement in the European countries through the establishment of environmental zones ...