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Crit-Air.fr Aktuelles 2019-03-26

Will new Diesel engines receive the Crit'Air 1 badge?

Diesel remains a subject of contention between the two French Ministries of the Environment and Economy. On the one hand, a note from the Ministry of Economy proposes changing the classification of the Crit'Air vignette so that the latest and "cleanest" diesel models (Euro-6, for example) can receive the Crit'Air badge 1. So far, only petrol engines can obtain the Crit'Air badge 1. Another E-badge is reserved for electric vehicles. However, the State Secretary for the Environment has strongly rejected this change: the phase-out of diesel engines is already planned. Giving diesel vehicles a better sticker would be a bad signal for consumers. The classification according to Euro standards can be changed by a simple decree, but these do not take into account the emission of ultra-fine dust. However, this is precisely the problem with diesel technology.