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Crit-Air.fr Aktuelles 2017-02-19

New step expected to be taken against nitrogen oxides

According to a recent announcement by the European Commission, 28 German cities and towns suffer too high levels of air pollution, with rates not having improved in relation to last year. However, a green environmental badge was introduced in Germany already in 2008, the goal of which was to reduce the emission of fine dust in cities across Germany. During the past 9 years, the introduction of this vignette has had good results, leading to a significant improvement of air quality. In the meantime, research on nitrogen oxides has made important progress. Nitrogen oxides are now considered to be one of the major causes of air pollution in European cities, with damaging consequences for people’s health and wellbeing. A new step is therefore expected to be taken against nitrogen oxides which would entail the introduction of a vignette banning old diesel vehicles from traffic. France already introduced such a system in 2016. Germany could make up for this delay by introducing the blue badge